When it comes to renovating your home, windows and doors play an important part in the overall look and feel. The right windows and doors can turn a mediocre room into magnificent.

Aluminium windows and doors open up your design options

You can remodel your house around large, attention-grabbing front entranceways, bay windows or beautiful bi-folds. Coming in different shapes, colours, sizes and designs, aluminium joinery allows for limitless customisations. 

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Planning around your joinery

Sadly, however, many renovators can get distracted by the seemingly more glamorous decisions involving kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and furniture and leave the windows and door decisions to last.

Your windows and doors are there for the long haul and if you don’t invest time into planning them, you’ll end up kicking yourself later when you realise your joinery isn’t right: door handles are on the wrong sides, you can’t hang curtains where you want, blinds bang in the wind, windows dangerously open out into walkways and the breeze you’re supposed to be enjoying can’t make it inside thanks to poorly chosen window placement. But we can help.

Renovating right

So, whether you’re going to carry out a full-blown home makeover of your home or simply need to breathe a little life into a tired space, take the time to talk to the Express Aluminium team about doors and windows for renovations. Our experts will make sure you’re on track right from the outset. 

We can work with you so you take full advantage of opportunities while you’re renovating to adjust the size, position and type of doors and windows, and consider passive solar and natural ventilation. Any new windows we manufacture or install in your place will course be double-glazed to meet NZ Building Code requirements.

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Selecting the best aluminium doors and windows

Choosing new doors and windows for renovations or an upgrade can seem a little mind-blowing. You may already have something in mind but are still unsure which window you should use and where. Trust the professionals at Express Aluminium. 

Our qualified team can help you choose the aluminium doors and windows, so your home is energy efficient, drier, warmer, more modern and stylish. We’ll ask you questions about the purpose of each window. Is it for light, airflow, aesthetics, or view? Will the window be used often and by whom or will it frequently be left open? Once we’ve narrowed down these issues, we’ll then present some of our main Rylock aluminium window types for you to consider. Our fully customisable range of aluminium doors and windows is available in various styles to meet specific needs and preferences.

Our Products

awning aluminium

Awning Windows

Great for controlling airflow & barriers for wind and rain.
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bi fold doors windows

Bifold Doors

Designed to maximise light & fold away concertina-style.
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aluminum window systems

Bifold Windows

Create a feeling of space & great flow to outdoor living.
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sliding doors experts


Clean & sleek with flush low-maintenance sills. 
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modern aluminium doors


Create a wide unobstructed opening with stacking sliding panels.
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french doors and installation

French Doors

Classic charm with the ability to open one or both doors at a time.
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exterior doors

Hinged Doors

Versatile & stylish, perfect solution hinged doors open in or out.
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sliding windows

Sliding Windows

Functional, modern & budget-friendly, they tick all the boxes.
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double glazed windows

Foldback Bifolds

Fold flat against the cladding to maximise the opening.
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sliding doors nz


Good ventilation control, space-saving & cost-effective.
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sliding doors


Wide unobstructed opening with stacking sliding multiple panels.
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Customised aluminium joinery

If your home renovations require a more bespoke touch, our manufacturers and joiners can adapt to your bespoke requirements. Express Aluminium excels at custom-built joinery. 

Upgrading old for new

At Express Aluminium we fully appreciate that renovating can be a massive undertaking with a mind-numbing number of options to consider. So rather than launching into a full-blown home makeover, why not consider an achievable, time and budget-friendly upgrade of your old windows and doors? This can add immediate pizazz and make your home a much more enjoyable place to live. Talk to us about replacement windows and doors in your home.

New aluminium joinery is one of the most effective ways to improve your comfort and safety while increasing your home’s value and energy efficiency. Our experienced installation team can remove your old leaky windows and replace them with double-glazed aluminium joinery that meets all new NZ Building Code requirements.

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Discover what’s possible

Chat with the team at Express Aluminium about doors and windows for renovations. You can visit our showroom at 72 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland to see our range. If you’d like a quote or more information on specific window and door products, please call us on (09) 475 0330 or email us to discuss how we can provide cost-effective, stylish window and door solutions to suit.