Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors bring the outdoors in and maximise the natural light. If you’re looking to create that seamless indoor-outdoor flow, Rylock aluminium bifold doors are the perfect solution.

Elevate Your Living Space with Rylock Aluminium Bifold Doors

Even when closed bifold doors provide an uninterrupted view.

If you’re looking for bifold doors or would like to find out more about how they might suit your home, then visit our team at Express Aluminium. We can tell you everything you need to know about these great products, as well as provide a free quote.

Bifold Door Benefits

Unrestricted outdoor access

Rylock Bifold Doors redefine the way you connect with the outdoors: you can open up your entire living area or just a part of it. These cleverly designed doors fold away concertina-style. They stack out of the way for obstruction-free traffic flow; they either stack to one or to both sides. A bi-fold set can also include a free-swinging hinged door for ease of access; you can walk outside without opening up the entire set of doors.

Swing them your way

Bifolds can open from the middle or the side. They can open inwards and outwards independently. They can slide and stack inwards into the home or outwards into the garden, it’s up to you. 

You can have them opening from right to left or the other way, or split in the middle to either side, even going around a corner. We offer all of these choices, so come in and see us.

Flexible configuration

Express Aluminium offers an array of configuration options for Rylock Bifold Doors:

  • Foldback™ Bifold: Door panels fold flat against the cladding.
  • Bi-parting: Opens from the centre.
  • Corner Bi-parting: Separate doors join together at a corner junction.
  • Top-Hung or Bottom-Rolling Options: Choose the option that suits your preferences.

Carry the load with ease

With options ranging from two to ten door panels, they suit homes of all sizes. Running on an easy-slide track system, the even-panel configurations create expansive openings. Whether you have two panels, 2+2 panels, 4 panels, or 6 panels, we’ve got you covered. The robust systems in our high-spec doors carry the load effortlessly. With an increased maximum rolling weight per panel, you have endless configuration possibilities, allowing for bigger views and bolder design statements.

Smooth operation

Our aluminium bifold doors are designed for user-friendly operation. The top-hung format ensures durability, smooth action, fingertip control, and a low-maintenance flush sill eliminates trip hazards. For those who prefer a bottom-rolling option, it offers stability and the ability to accommodate heavier panes.

bi fold doors

Clear style choices

Choose from a range of joinery styles, colours and finishes or go with ALTI™ composite joinery which combines the strength and durability of aluminium on the outside with the natural beauty and thermal performance of timber on the inside. Gorgeous in the classic Auckland villas as well as contemporary homes and apartments, this blend offers the best of both worlds: style, performance, durability, security, and comfort.

We make bifolds easy

Choosing new bifolds involves a few decisions. However, we try to make the process easy for you by designing superior bifold doors and being available to answer all your questions. We can help you find the perfect solution for your new home, renovation, or commercial project in Auckland. 

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Residential Product Range

Southern41™ Thermal

Southern41™ Thermal

A unique system for a healthy home, all year round.


alti composite joinery

The ideal system for most family homes.

Replaces the legacy systems of Pacific Residential, Weathertight, Smartfit and SovereignSeries.

Architectural Product Range



Innovative comfort, stylish design.



Specified for grand homes, edgy architecture, extreme locations, super weights, and is ideal for integration into commercial applications.



Designed in New Zealand for New Zealand homes.

 Replaces the legacy systems of Pacific Architectural and 41Architectural.

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