Euroslider™ Doors

The revolutionary Euroslider sliding doors set a new standard in design and functionality for New Zealand homes or commercial projects. Contact us at Express Aluminum for a free consultation.

Euroslider Aluminium Sliding Doors 

The Euroslider provide generous openings with flush, low-maintenance sills. If you wanted a prodigious 15-metre wide and three-metre-high opening at your property, then we have the door for it.

Euroslider™ Benefits

Sleek, uncluttered design

The Euroslider is a clean, modern design. Flush sills don’t collect dirt & it can be used in supersized openings or slide into a cavity.

Ease of opening

Ease of opening due to Smoothtech™ chevron-shaped track and wheels, which provide better panel weight distribution.

Bi-parting Euroslider™

The Bi-parting Euroslider™ has four glass panels that open in the middle. This gives both single and double entry points while adding a wonderful sense of balance and symmetry.

Exceptional weathertightness

The outside sliding panels, combined with the flat sill design, create a robust barrier against the elements. Even in Auckland’s unpredictable weather, rainwater drains away freely, preventing any unwanted leaks or damage.

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Sleek and uncluttered design

Euroslider sliding doors redefine door aesthetics by concealing the operating mechanism at the top. This design gives a clean and sleek sill surface, free from the traditional tracks and cavities seen in conventional sliding doors. This enhances the look of the doors while the concealed drainage systems keep the water out thereby eliminating the need for constant maintenance associated with exposed tracks.

Another standout feature is how easy they are to open. This is thanks to the matching Smoothtech™ chevron-shaped track and wheels, which provide better panel weight distribution.

Your Euroslider door experts in Auckland

The beautifully clean and the innovative design sets Euroslider doors apart from traditional sliding doors. We are your trusted experts in sliding aluminium doors so if you’d like to know more, you’ve come to the right pace.

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Residential Product Range

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Commercial Product Range

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 Replaces the legacy systems of Pacific Architectural and 41Architectural.

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