Foldback Bifold Doors

Rylock Foldback™ Bifold Doors, also known as ‘Inline Bifolds,’ are a game-changer. More than just extremely functional, these cunning doors are a testament to modern design and good engineering.

Rylock Foldback™ Bifold Doors

Are you looking to make more of Auckland’s balmy weather and spend a lot of time living and entertaining outdoors? Imagine being able to effortlessly open up your entire living area, seamlessly blending your indoor and outdoor spaces. Rylock foldback bifolds make this a reality.

Auckland is renowned for its breathtaking views, and Rylock Foldback™ Bifold Doors help you make the most of them. These foldback bifolds create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living. With wide openings and easy-slide track systems, Rylock Foldback™ Bifold Doors can transform your living spaces, making them more open, bright, and inviting.

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Unparalleled access and light

The Foldback™ Bifold’s unique patented system allows the door panels to fold flat against the cladding They leave behind an almost totally empty cavity. This means you can have unobstructed views with your doors open, connecting your living room with the outdoors. Foldback bi-fold doors fold back 180 degrees against your building, removing any obstruction and making them popular with families with younger children, cafes and restaurants.

Tailored to your home

Our Foldback™ Bifold Doors come in a range of configurations, including the combination of bifold and Foldback™ bifold panels. This flexibility allows you to choose the configuration that best suits your home, and what the panels will open up against. 

Durability and low maintenance

Rylock Foldback™ Bifold Doors are built to withstand the test of time. With the weight of the door panels distributed at the head, you can expect long-term durability, smooth operation, and fingertip control. The top hung system also provides maximum protection from dirt and track damage. Tested to comply with New Zealand Standard NZS4211, these doors offer style, top-notch performance, durability, and security. They are engineered to complement any architectural style, from classic villas to contemporary apartments.

Residential Product Range

Southern41™ Thermal

Southern41™ Thermal

A unique system for a healthy home, all year round.


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The ideal system for most family homes.

Replaces the legacy systems of Pacific Residential, Weathertight, Smartfit and SovereignSeries.

Architectural Product Range



Innovative comfort, stylish design.



Specified for grand homes, edgy architecture, extreme locations, super weights, and is ideal for integration into commercial applications.



Designed in New Zealand for New Zealand homes.

 Replaces the legacy systems of Pacific Architectural and 41Architectural.

A seamless indoor-outdoor experience

If you like the idea of foldback bifolds, or have a question we haven’t answered, call us on (09) 475 0330, visit our showroom at 72 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland, or contact us online. Get in touch with one of our friendly experts, and let’s explore how Rylock Foldback™ Bifold Doors can enhance your new home, renovation, or commercial premises in Auckland.