Ranchstacker™ Doors

Ranchstackers are a unique door system that combines the benefits of both Ranchsliders and stacking doors.

Ranchstacker™ Doors 

Unlike Ranchsliders which typically have one or two fixed panels and one sliding panel that leaves an opening half the width of the overall door frame, Ranchstacker™ doors can include multiple sliding panels that stack neatly to one or both sides when opened. As one panel slides past the next, they interlock and continue sliding towards the fixed pane. The panels effectively collect each other and then sit one upon the other, as if they were ‘stacked’, allowing for an even wider opening.

Ranchstacker™ Benefits

Level sill option

Optional LevelStep™ Sill allows a flush level entry removing all potential trip hazards

Smooth opening

Ease of opening due to Smoothtech™ chevron-shaped track and wheels.

Good sound reduction

ACT Interlocker softener – reduces the sound when doors engage.

ranchstacker doors

Ranchstacker™ doors are renowned for their versatility 

A customisable and flexible option when it comes to sliding doors, they can be used in a variety of configurations around your home or business. 

When fully opened, Ranchstackers create a wide and unobstructed passage, blurring the boundaries between your interior and the outside world. The optional LevelStep™ Sill allows a flush level entry removing all potential trip hazards. This design is perfect for those who love to entertain or simply enjoy the great outdoors.

What is a stacker door?

The main difference between bi-fold and stacker doors is how they open and close. Bi-folding doors fold in on themselves, while stacking doors run along a track. Because these sliding doors do not require space to swing open, they take up less space than hinged doors during opening and closing. Therefore, outdoor furniture, bean bags, the barbeque or pot plants won’t get in the way. If you’re short on space near an opening, Ranchstackers are the better option and make designing your indoor and outdoor rooms easier. 

Residential Product Range

Southern41™ Thermal

Southern41™ Thermal

A unique system for a healthy home, all year round.


alti composite joinery

The ideal system for most family homes.

Replaces the legacy systems of Pacific Residential, Weathertight, Smartfit and SovereignSeries.

Commercial Product Range

Baltic - Shopfront

baltic shopfront

Ideally suited to ground floor applications, our Shopfront system is now available at a new depth of 106mm.

Architectural Product Range



Innovative comfort, stylish design.



Specified for grand homes, edgy architecture, extreme locations, super weights, and is ideal for integration into commercial applications.



Designed in New Zealand for New Zealand homes.

 Replaces the legacy systems of Pacific Architectural and 41Architectural.

Your Ranchstacker™ door experts 

Our Express Aluminium team is ready to answer all your questions and help you find the perfect solution for your new home, renovation project, or commercial premises. Contact us today at (09) 475 0330 or visit our showroom at 72 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland.. Our friendly experts can help you explore the countless possibilities that Ranchstacker™ doors offer your Auckland property.